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Pastis It Is // New York City, USA

Nothing beats the Meatpackers District of NYC.

Nothing beats good old, American buttermilk pancakes in a bath of maple syrup. But it wasn’t brunch calling Pastis this time but lunch.

The sun was shining, the trendsetters out but to my annoyance renovations were taking place and ugly scaffolding surrounded the otherwise beautiful building the French brasserie Pastis was housed in.

Only cocktails could lift the slightly dented mood. Spring was in the air after all.


Fig & Apple Vodka Martini, Peach Spritzer ($14 each)

Neither cocktail was quite up to the expectation so Sancerre was called in for back-up. Not as crisp as The Standard Grill’s choice - ‘Le Mercy Dien’ from Loire, but at $12 a glass it was the better from what was on offer.


Mushrooms on toast ($15)

The starter was divine and raised hopes for a great lunch. Wild mushrooms sauteed with cream and Madeira wine just enough that they retain their natural juices. Paired with the table bread, fresh from Balthazar’s, rather than the toast served, it would make a great brunch choice for those with a sweet tooth but not wanting the pancakes.


Seared Tuna Nicoise ($22)

My last visit to Pastis, I’d ordered the same salad but was presented with a bowl of frozen beans and seared tuna that had leapt off the grill for some time. I re-ordered to see if it was a one-off or a repetitive game. The visits were within a week of each other so the same kitchen staff would probably be making it.

The bowl was warm, tuna cooked right and not a sparkly ice crystal in sight. My extra portion of anchovies was, however, missing.


Linguini with Cockles & Garlic ($18)

My company had the pasta with mussels. Half of which were closed or missing in action. This is usually something that puts me off ordering mussels, always a gamble. There is a reason restaurants have cheap as chips ‘Bucket’s of Mussels’ specials - it’s a treasure hunt of mostly shells.

Thought the meal was pleasant and supplemented with lots of people watching, the table bread was probably the standout and reminded me a visit to Balthazar’s was obligatory to any NYC trip….

Leave Pastis for brunch in my view. Nothing beats the buzzing, warm atmosphere fizzed up with mimosas and nasal chatter of sunglassed-NYCers.

- Pastis -

9, 9th Avenue

Meatpackers District New York, NY 10014, USA

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