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The Setai // Miami Beach, USA

From the moment you walk in to The Setai, it’s all class. Low moody lighting, grande high ceilings, subtle art deco design and obscure art on the walls. The short entrance opens to a smoky seductive bar. As expected, the cocktail list is inventive, extensive, expensive. Bar snacks are cool cucumbers marinated in black and white sesame vinegar, home made potato crisps and juicy olives.


// The Bar //

After the aperitif, the restaurant awaits. An air of opulence surrounds the place, achieved with the lighting and decor. White orchids dress the tables and a dark wooden floor leads to a private dining room, to which company and I are being treated to.

We start with Pecking Duck Salad ($21), Frog Legs ($32) and a variety of dim sum - shrimp, pork and chive. Hold on to your chair and chopsticks cause Oh My Steamer! those chive dumplings are just heaven in the mouth.

Next up was a feast of delights. The Miso Black Cod ($42) was a silky fusion of flavours - a tender fillet of cod swimming in white miso with yuzu and seasoned with ichimi togarashi, a Japanese spice.


// Miso Black Cod //

Another standout was the Macchi Tikka ($29), Chilean seabass marinated with mint, parsley, serrano pepper then roasted over a grill that is served together with the dish.


// [L to R] Indian Spiced Lamb Shank, Spinach from the Wok, Pad Thai //

The Pad Thai ($28) had delicious juicy prawns weaved in the hot noodles that weren’t too oily - often the downfall of a Pad Thai dish.

Just when buttons in trousers were popping and silk dresses could stretch no more, the finale we were not expecting. Dessert.

The St James Baba Rum ($11) was the least exciting. The sponge, though on appearance seemed soaked in rum, was as dry as dust inside. The only saviour of this dish was the bourbon vanilla bean ice-cream. Next.


// St James Baba Rum //

The Valrhona Bar ($14) was oh so decadent and rich. A brilliant pairing of Caribbean dark chocolate and fresh raspberry sorbet. Gold flakes flecked the side of the glistening icing and the construction was almost too pretty to crack.


// Valrhona Bar //

The chocolate dome ($13) , speckled with gold flakes and served with passion fruit sorbet was on the right side of sweet, with an interesting mousse and crispy feuille as the dome’s base.


// Chocolate Dome //

Last, and probably the best, was the ever so simple yet complex in flavour, pistachio ice cream. Three scoops served in a modest bowl and garnished with strawberries. You an never go wrong with pistachio really. As an ice-cream it’s just so darn tasty.


// Pistachio Ice-Cream //

The feast left not a single space in the stomach. The waiters were all friendly and quick, even serving up a special round of shots at the end.

The Setai is perfect for both group meals, as the dishes are of a good sharing size, and intimate date where couples can snuggle up in a cosy corner table.


// The Setai Restaurant //

The Setai Restaurant

2001 Collins Ave

Miami Beach,  Florida 33139 USA

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