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The Big Pink // Miami, USA

There is a type of restaurant where you can order pancakes with a side of eggs. Bacon with maple syrup. Waffles caramelized in fat.

The American Diner.

It never fails to surprise me. The long list of combinations, so precise and succinct….you’d have to be reading it upside down now to know exactly what you were getting in the meal. The interiors are so retro you just want the waitress to roll on out at you in a cutsie pink apron wearing roller blades.

Every trip into the USA is NOT complete without a serving of American pancakes. Fluffy discs, drowned in maple syrup that satisfy every corner of the stomach. Mmm-mmmm, all American goodness.

// The Big Pink Diner //

The crew was directed to The Big Pink Diner. Basically anything you want is right here. It’s like sitting in a museum of stereotypes, and you can eat to your hearts content while watching the show.

// Inside the Big Pink //

It’s everything American movies tell you diners are. Shiny inside, smooth bright surfaces with large sugar containers and bottles of condiments on each table. The tsssskkkof the grill as it fries eggs and bacon.

Quite obviously, pancakes ($9.95) are on the order.

// Pancakes with strawberries //

Monster sized pancakes arrive and are promptly doused in sweet thick maple syrup. Not the best I’ve had but they hit the spot.

Without saying super-size me, a salad the size of Florida state arrives at the same time, topped with crumbled blue cheese, walnuts and more beetroot than a beet field can produce. Enter the Pink House salad ($8.95). Mandarin segments also find their way in the mountain of chopped lettuce and red cabbage, all tossed in a balsamic dressing.

For a diner salad, it’s seems to be quite healthy and leaves no oily residue on the lips or plate - usually a sign of careless measuring.

// Pink House Salad //

Service is on Miami time, read : S.L.O.W.

By the time my Bloody Mary came, the alcohol left in me from the previous night had already evaporated from my skin due to the strong sun shining down on our table. There was no need for a remedy.

To further the case, our serving of Big Pink French Toast ($8.75) came well and truly when our stomachs had shut their gates and we’d forgotten we ever ordered it. So, naturally, we proceeded to take bets on who could finish the plate for a sum of $100.

For the record, no one took the bet. The $100 would definitely not cover the ambulance trip needed after.

The Big Pink is open after 2am. So if you gots the midnight munchies, march on it to a serving of eggs and waffles. It’s something you have to do, even if just for a coffee, to familiarize yourself with the locale of the area and the Miami scale of things.

// Outside seating at Big Pink //

The Big Pink

157 Collins Avenue

Miami Beach, Florida 33139 USA

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