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Chiswick // Sydney, Australia

Lush green grass and a cute stone path leads past a trickling fountain and tranquil garden. Open the glass doors and a different atmosphere lies. Raucous with family chats, a delicious smell wafts from the open kitchen and light, light, light! Wonderful natural light spills into every corner of the new (and only) kid of this Woollahra block, Chiswick.

// Entrance //

Pronounced ‘Chis-ick’, the establishment from top chefs Matt Moran (of Aria fame) and Peter Sullivan is a bright affair. It’s Sunday lunch time and the place is brimming with families and well-groomed young things.

Basically, I’ve stepped into Sydney’s corner of Chelsea, London. From the decor to the food, it’s channeling those Westerly feels of London.

We start with a selection of starters. I’ve just managed to get my camera out and already the kingfish sashimi with radish and avocado ($21) has almost disappeared. And rightly so. The sashimi is tender but the radish is something else, crisp yet full of sweet juices.

// Kingfish Sashimi w radish and avocado //

There are some small char grilled carrots ($11) , picked from the garden, with smoked almonds and cumin. A simple yet satisfactory side of beta-carotene. The prawn popcorn ($13) has just the right amount of chilli. Yet Nobu or Cipriani London does this dish better.

// L to R: Prawn Popcorn and Char grilled carrots //

The mains were all drool worthy. My pan fried Trevalla with zucchini and flowers ($33) was succulent and needed no sauce or speck of salt.

// Pan fried Trevalla //

The char grilled Moran family grass fed beef ($38) was, well a steak. The fellow diner gobbled it up with a smack of the lips though.

// Grass fed beef //

A very nice interesting mix of flavours was served up by the chickpea, eggplant, cumin yoghurt small plate ($15) we shared as a side salad, spiced with coriander and oregano. Plate scrapingly delicious.

// Chickpeas //

There was also the wood roasted Moran family leg of lamb ($65)  that served two and looked a feast.

There was no room or time for dessert. A wonderful Sunday lunch had stretched three hours basked in the sun that kept peeping out from clouds.

Our party have had to be seated outside as the place is overbooked, which judging by the noise level inside probably made our conversations less strained than fellow diners sitting inside.

Chiswick makes for a good meal and ambience. Will definitely back, if more than just  in the name of dessert research.

// Communal table //


65 Ocean St Woollahra NSW 2025 Australia

Tel. +61 8388 8688

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