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Quay // Sydney, Australia

There are restaurants, there are institutions and then there are experiences. Quay is all three.

Upon arrival all your eyes can take in is the breath taking view of Sydney Harbour. The majestic bridge on one side, those curved wings of the Opera House on the other. A slick midnight sea below reflecting the cities lights.

If there is music, you don’t notice. Your senses are pre-occupied with what’s in front of you.


// Quay view //

Right let’s get down to the food business. There’s either the eight course degustation menu or an a la carte menu of four courses where you can choose each course from four different dishes.

Bond and Miss Money Penny along with company go for the four course. Being in a place that just oozed class and chic, I refrained from pulling my iPhone out and capturing the dishes at their best angles. The lighting was also too romantic for any detail.

I started with the Native freshwater marron, rosehips, radish, crème fraîche, woodland sorrel, pomegranate seeds. No not marron as in chesnuts, but marron the freshwater crayfish with a sweeter than bay bug taste. Though there isn’t much of it…the tastes are divine.


// Freshwater marron //

Course Two consisted of the Tasmanian squid with squid ink custard, society garlic and pink turnips. Yes, society garlic. Classy the dishes are here. That was probably the highlight of the dish, an average score.

Course Three was a beautifully roasted snapper with light sauce, Japanese white turnips and barletta onions. Divine.

The waiter also brought out a serving of the organic Korean green rice, seaweed, buckwheat and mountain spinach sprinkled with sesame as all wanted to try it but thought it would be carb overload for a “main” course.

In hind sight, I wish I had ordered this all to myself. The buckwheat was crispy, the rice had just enough salt from the seaweed and the spinach incorporated into the mixture like a silk train.

The finale came in the form of the cherry and coconut snow egg. A bomb of sweet and tart flavours, nothing that can be replicated at home no matter how hard you inspect the dish.


// Snow egg //

Quay has to be enjoyed at a leisurely pace. You can easily while away four hours, so make sure you choose your company wisely. The bill ain’t pretty, but you’re looking at around $50 bucks an hour, sans wine, of breathtaking views, special experience and certainly a memorable meal.

Welcome to the Quay club.


Upper Level, Overseas Passenger Terminal

The Rocks, Sydney NSW 2000

Tel. +61 2 9251 5600

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